Thursday, September 30, 2010


For today's LOTD I picked that nigga Spitta. I'm pretty sure he's comming around to the area soon so be sure to hit that show up. A lot of ya'll show TOO much love to Wiz and not enough to Spitta, and that's the truth. The lines I picked will in no way astound you but their funny, everyday lines and that's why you have to fuck with Spitta, he keeps it G and raps about the everyday life. I mean cmon whens the last time you heard a rapper say that he's gonna trap himself in a condo with enough weed and snacks to play an entire NBA season on xbox? Shits too funny..
"X-box web browser/download a updated NBA roster/play a 82 game season/condo full of snacks spitta not leavin"
-Curren$y - Breakfast (In and out)(Prod. by Mos Def)
"I'm high as hell in the skybox/takin' pictures lookin' blitzed/I don't fuck with eyedrops..yeah"
-Curren$y - Certified (Ft. Ray Cash)

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