Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Recent Struggle

The Bresuit here welcoming myself to the reformed OTG.
The source of this ill-temper is my recent cleaning of the bathroom. Was it my turn to clean? Yes. Did I do it voluntarily? No. Would I rather play with my own feces than clean up the stains left by others? Probably. The problem is made more complicated because the cleaning took place on a Sunday. There is an entire weekend’s worth of scum coating every tile surface in sight. I’m talking beer, hair, puke, urine, and several stains that are unidentifiable. It was so terrible that my wingman (a mop) went down. Snapped in half. A dirty bathroom is a literal warzone that shows no mercy. I try to keep it clean but my own lack of giving a shit inevitably dirties it. I try to ignore it but unsympathetic roommates chirp me till I give in. The only positive feeling I have right now is knowing that I can drop D.A.D.S. and leave heaping globs of toothpaste without a care, because don’t have to clean it again for a month. 

P.S. I understand it's Wednesday, but understand I am a lazy piece of garbage.

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