Wednesday, December 8, 2010

B.O.B. - No Genre (Mixtape)

Not even gonna lie, I'm only a few tracks in right now while I'm posting the link to download this, but I'm definitely feeling this tape. B.O.B.'s definitely staying true to the title he gave his tape. From the overall creativity and diversity of the guy's music, you can see he's got great knowledge of music. He markets himself as more of a musician than a rapper, which appeals to a much wider fanbase (my roommate knows very little hip hop but could spit out B.O.B. lyrics like its his job). You also got features including T.I., Cyhi Da Prince (don't sleep on this guy), and Bun B.

Overall, a good tape. A great showcase of B.O.B.'s lyrical prowess (even getting political on track 13). The guy's a wordsmith. Check it out.

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