Thursday, September 5, 2013

Artist To Watch: Rich Homie Quan

This up-and-comer out of the ATL has been turning a lot of heads in the hip hop world as of late. His most popular track right now caught the attention of Drake and according to Drake said that RHQ's song 'Type of Way" was the 'Song of the Summer'. Quan is also rumored to have invited Drake to be on the songs remix, so be on the look out for that too. RHQ has also got a lot of comparison to Future as they do sound alike and are both from the ATL, but in an interview with Quan says, "Future and I from the same side of town in Atlanta so there might be a little bit of similarity here. I can't help how I sound, but what we talking about, thats a total opposite thing. I'd Rather be judged on what I'm talking about".

Be on the look out for this guy because he is going to get big fast.

Check out some more Rich Homie Quan, including his latest mixtape, Still Goin In (Reloaded) below.

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