Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hot Stove Update: BoSox cooked to Perfection

The Red Sox are officially insane (and that's in a good way). Team completes blockbuster trade for All-World 1B Gonzo and now we gunna snatch former D-Ray (ya the name never changed for me) Carl Crawford from right under the Angels' noses? A field full of Gold Gloves, Silver Sluggers, All-Stars, and MVPs with what I think is the best rotation in baseball (pick it up Dice-K!!!). Team may go 122-40 this year, and thats no joke. I mean take a look at this potential starting line-up for opening day (I've seen Crawford at the 1-hole but you need the guy mid line-up):

1. Jacoby - CF
2. Ped - 2B
3. Crawford - LF
4. Gonzo - 1B
5. Youk - 3B
6. Ortiz - DH
7. Drew - RF
8. Salty (or hopefully Russel Martin) - C
9. Scutaro - SS
P - Jon Lester

One word: Unstoppable
Roll the champagne into Fenway now:


  1. shitcuntdooglefaceDecember 9, 2010 at 5:25 PM

    buster olney has lowrie starting over scutaro n crawford will hit leadoff cuz there will be too many lefties in the middle of the lineup...tito likes mixing it up

  2. doogleface: i deff understand both of those ideas its just to me i cant see wasting the RBI capability that carl has at the top of the lineup, and I am a lowrie guy too but thats a platoon situation at best and scutaro has to be the guy at the beginning