Thursday, December 9, 2010

Big Sean and Pusha T Video

Caught a glimpse of this video right before my ritual afternoon nap. It's a clip of Big Sean visiting Pusha T (both labelmate on Kanye's G.O.O.D. music) in Virginia and some footage of them working in the studio with the acclaimed producer Lex Luger (the guy who made the beats for Flocka's go hard in the paint and Rick Ross's B.M.F. - no matter what you say about those songs, you have to admit they bump. These two Luger beats are up with black and yellow for the most popular tracks to lay down freestyles over this year). But back to topic, these two dudes are getting some serious notoriety right now. Big Sean may be more of a household name right now, but don't sleep on Pusha T, who is one half of the rap duo Clipse. Anyways, pay homage to what G.O.O.D. musics doing in the hip hop world and go grab some Big Sean and Pusha T tapes.

Pusha T must have some serious patience for not beating the shit out of the guy taping him around the 1:50 mark outside his car..I mean I understand it's Pusha T, but what's so cool about video taping a guy sitting in a car?

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