Wednesday, December 8, 2010


K3K here, happy and proud to finally be apart of the OTG family after all my calls in the OTG Radio Show. You know I'll be bringing you the sports news thats important, and if I find something else to post about you'll be seeing me there.

But anyways, my debut gets me amped up, so I have a double-dip of sports stories from the recent days that are getting people (usually fans or the athletes themselves) very excited.

First off we got coach Urban Meyer who stepped down from his post at the University of Florida. Why is this good news you ask? Well it may not be for Florida, but you know the recruiters at Miami and Florida St. (along with every team in the SEC) are happier than Jim Valvano winning the NCAA Title at N.C. State (RIP, shout out to the The V Foundation). Watch for the U of FLA to be down while the other Sunshine State teams being to move up. Alternatively pumped is everyone's least favorite Golden Boy Tim Tebow. With another Belicheck goon fired (McDaniels in Denver) the opportunity will be there for Meyer to be reunited with the player that made him an "elite coach." So LET'S GOOO Urban, all of the southeast (and your boy TEEBS) are loving it.

Now on to guy that may have by himself crippled this off-season negotiating period in the MLB. As a 30 year old last year with Phillies, Werth had a nice season batting .296 with 85 RBIs in a contract year, but in a year where there aren't many marquee players on the market (Carl Crawford, Cliff Lee), Werth had bargaining power, and now he's created a better situation for himself than Mike Sorrentino. Grabbing a 7 year $126million contract from the Nats, this bro is gonna make some serious cash with no pressure. Dude plays for a perennially terrible team, and is wunderkinds Strausberg and Harper come up big in a few years, he'll be around as one of the bigger names on the team. So LEGOOOOOOOO! Werth, have fun making $18 mil when you are 38.

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