Wednesday, December 8, 2010

OTG Finals Grind and Welcomes

All of us over here at OTG want to wish everyone a successful finals season. Hopefully you all have the numbers to your local all night chinese joint on speed dial ready to go. More importantly, we have just added two new members today.

Coming out of the bullpen is K3K. K3K will be covering all sports articles, professional to college. We figured a regular sports guy would be fitting for our blog so we might as well go with this kid. K3K enjoys doing his homework on skype, mass texting, family feud, and kansas city royals fitted hats. K3K is a great addition to the team and we would like to welcome you.
(Pictured below in center).

We would also like to welcome another member to the team. He goes by the Bresuit (Yes Caps is needed). The Bresuit will be the go-to guy for everything random, specifying in the humor department. Kids funny. The Bresuit enjoys nudity, Uconn basketball, rural settings, making iced coffees, struggling, and getting rowdy. Bresuit we welcome you to the squad.
(the lovely fellow is pictured below)

Get ready for posts from these 2 shortly. Things have been sort of low key lately but will certainly be tuned up.

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