Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Celtics Start Up Practice In Newport RI

Gotta love this picture of Nate Robinson feeding Shaq while hes sleeping on the bus. Time to get ready for another season of the Celts, even though Im still not over game 7 of the Finals....fucking bullshit, broke my phone that game and didn't watch ESPN for about a month. But thats neither here nor there, lets put that in the past and get ready for a fresh start. Yesterday was the first practice for the Celts as they practiced in a hot Salve Regina gym and Doc Rivers practiced them hard for 3 hours. I am loving the Shaq add as I know he will take up space down low and bang some mother fuckers around like he always does. Also, Ive always liked Jermaine O'Neal and know he wont disappoint, and if we get in any fights with opposing fans I know he'll go in the crowd and beat the fuck out of people. We all know Delonte is gonna do his thing like usual..we just gotta make sure he isn't banging any of the players mothers because the Celts won't take that shit unlike pussy ass Lebron. The Big 3, Rondo, and Perkins when he is healthy all need to just keep doing what they have been doing as we make one last push with the Big 3 for another championship. So lets see how this season goes down, get ready for the first game against the Heat cuz its going to be insane and hope for the best...GO CELTS!


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