Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lets Talk March Madness

The Connecticut Huskies are on suspension because of a questionable, controversial and overall unnecessary muscle-flex of a ruling from the NCAA, Boston College is still a year too young and inexperienced, and Providence is well, Providence--leaving this year's tournament devoid of New England teams, and blown wide open.  With no overwhelming favorite reminiscent of last year's Kentucky squad, the road to Atlanta might be attainable for more teams than ever before.  Logic points to a Big 10 team.  Indiana looks great, and Ohio State and Wisconsin are both fully competent.   The Big East always sends somebody to the final four, so make sure you include Louisville and/or Georgetown.

Mortal Locks:
Gonzaga losing to whoever meets them in the sweet 16
Duke losing first round to Albany (fuck Duke and Laettner (pictured above))
St. Mary's over Memphis

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