Thursday, December 23, 2010

World Series Preview

Jeeeeez, I have been holding this story for maddd long, but I just got off the finals grind so here I go:

Call me Joe Lunardi but I am making the stone cold assumption that the Red Sox and the Phillies will be battling it out next fall in what will be the coldest World Series ever (enjoy Hawaii while you can Victorino). With the Phillies adding Lee (must have an insane amount of travel miles built up), and the Sox grabbing Crawford, Gonzo, and Jenks these are clearly the two best squads in the league. So here is my best shot at a game-by-game prediction of the Fall Classic:

Game 1: (Halladay @ Lester): Sox don't lose at home in the WS and against former rival Doc Halladay the Sox will be able to put up some runs. Lester will shut down Howard, but with Pap at the end anything can happen. Sox: 5-3
Game 2: (Lee @ Bucholtz): Clay is unproven in the playoffs and Cliff is an absoulte monster (imagine if we signed him too), the Sox could lose one here in a sqeaker, and with their closer as bad as ours you know it's going down to the last inning. Phils: 3-2
Game 3: (Beckett @ Oswalt): Beckett sucked last year and he's had a great playoff career, but Oswalt is hungry and the Sox will have to start V-Tek to keep our Diva (former) Ace from crying. This will be the widest margin of the series (especially if we see Dick-K or Old Man Atchison come out of the pen). Phils: 7-2
Game 4: (Lackey @ Hammels): Neither team worries about their rotations and stays with four men. Lackey wants a ring and Hammels is overated garbage. Look for tons of HRs in this game and lots of bullpen work. Sox: 9-6
Game 5: (Lester @ Halladay): Doc will pitch his heart out in front of the home fans, but it won't be enough against a prime-entering Lester. Another scapper of a game will come down to SBs from Crawford, Jacoby, Rollins, Utley, and Victorino. Sox: 2-1

Game 6: (Lee @ Bucholtz): This will not be a repeat of Game 2. Lee will bring all he has but Clay will play the role of hero and toss a gem. The hungry Red Sox will get at the Phils early and score a ton of run to end the year in style. Sox: 8-4; Win Series 4-2

Co-MVPs: Gonzo (.385, 2 HRs, 8 RBI) and Lester (2-0, 1.80 ERA, 15 Ks)

There you have it, the Philladelphians will have something else to cry about until the next Rocky movie comes out as Pedro and the midget celebrate again.

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