Thursday, December 23, 2010

Artist To Watch - Dave Raps - Too Unknown (Mixtape)

So we got wind of this dude the other day from his manager and upon first impression, straight up, I'm impressed. Raps is an aspiring artist out of NYC, although from his delivery you can sense some southern swagger (from Florida). He's already got three mixtapes out this year, some music videos out, and an EP on its way. His newest mixtape Too Unknown, hosted by Ashley Outrageous, (downloaded for free at link below) contains about 23 tracks of Dave over pretty familiar beats. Overall, he's got a universally appealing sound in his delivery that's easy to enjoy, hip hop fan or not. Lyrically, his delivery of clever punchlines, all flowing seamlessly from thought to thought, really highlight his intelligent wordplay. Too many up and coming rappers overflex, and end up watering down their music into random collections of metaphors and analogy's. I like that out of Dave.

On a side note, anytime a rapper goes over J. Cole tracks like "Unabomber" and "Grown Simba" you know he has a good taste haha. Respect.

Here's a sample Dave Raps over J. Cole's track "Grown Simba" here. Check it out.

Download his latest mixtape, Too Unknown right here.

Check him out on Myspace

High Life - Official Music Video

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