Friday, December 10, 2010

He Really Gets Paid for This?

It's a slow sports day here in America, but rather than give you the latest on the Lee negotiations, or tell you that Favre is probably suiting up this week (the record will never end), I'm going to talk about who may be the most overpaid person at ESPN: Joe Lunardi. The man just released his second issue of bracketology today (the first came on NOVEMBER 10th!!), and I am not sure there is one person who follows NCAA bball that really even cares at this point. Ya, I love the guy's work as the conference tournaments roll around, but do I really need to know today that Old Dominion is coming in at an at-large 10 seed to play Wisconsin? Might as well just predict the championship today and hand over the trophy because I forgot that the games matter at all, just leave it up to the all knowing Joe Lunardi.

p.s. never too early to hear Gus Johnson's voice though (thanks Madden):

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