Saturday, December 25, 2010

Live from my Chair: Celts Halftime

I wasn't going to post today, but as I sit here watching the Celts battle the Magic, I realize: 1) how much this game does not matter, and 2) how I have literally zero interest in the Heat v. Kobe entertainment session later on. All week has been a droning blur on and on by every analyst employed to talk about sports about how Kobe vs. LeDouche is like Magc and Jordan back in the day and how it is the biggest game of the year. Lest we forget the Celts and Heat game on opening day, and this week's Mavs and Spurs game. Newsflash: NONE OF THESE GAMES MATTER!!! All of the above teams will make the playoffs and we can spend April/May/June talking NBA. So please enjoy today's games, but remember there are better things to discuss like Falcons v. Saints, the end of fantasy football, and BC/PC Basketball.


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