Saturday, December 25, 2010

Lil Wayne - Live 6"7"

Personally I think Lil Wayne is a genius for the way he markets and brands himself (and his YMCM crew) and consistently makes songs that people vibe too. People sometimes criticize Wayne saying he's a punchline rapper. And I'm not arguing that he's not a punchline rapper. One thing we have to take into consideration is what sells. And this type of hip hop tends to sell extraordinarily well. When you listen to Wayne, you gotta realize what your in it for and the way he's gonna make a hip hop track. And the way he does make it, he happens to be pretty damn good at. So I certainly respect him for that. He knows how to make a catchy track, that within two or three listens, you're going to be able to rap along with start to finish. It's the stuff main stream audiences primarily want to hear, and there's nothing wrong with that at all, as long as you know what your in it for, and recognize that one brand of hip hop doesn't encompass all that hip hop has to offer. So respect to Lil Wayne. Your still up there on the charts, your still a rap king, and you still maintain a following like only a handful of active rappers in the game have managed to do. Just remember what flavor of hip hop Wayne is trying to sell, and remind yourself how well he has done in forging a name for himself doing so.

Not trying to get too in depth but just showing my respect when its due.

As for this Video Wayne's killin it with his stage presence. The guys fire in front of a crowd.

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