Friday, December 31, 2010

Best Mixtapes From 2010

It has been a GREAT year of hip hop in 2010 and I hope it will be just as good in 2011. From Wiz to J Cole the music has been insane with brilliant lyrics to catchy beats. This link that is posted below is a list of the top mixtapes from 2010 made by, and the list is pretty solid...I might take away a few tapes on there but other than it's on point. Kush and OJ deserves #1 in my mind not only because Im a huge Wiz fan but becuz it was just plain fucking awesomeness. Then you have the classic tapes on there from J Cole, Big Sean, Wale and many more. If I had to pick out some favorites on there quick that I have had playing on the iPod most of the year Id have to pick Kush and Oj, Finally Famous, K.I.D.S., Friday Night Lights, Mood Muzik 4, Royal Flush, No Competiton 2...all of those are just complete fire from beginning to end. Whats your favorites on that list? Click the link below, check out the list and listen to some of these great tapes.

I hope you guys have enjoyed the first year of Only That Good, get ready for more from us in 2011 so keep checking it out! Get rowdy tonight on this New Years Eve but be safe and don't be a dumb ass and get behind the wheel if you have been drinking. Be a real hip hop fan at what ever party your at and throw some of these tapes on and if you have friends that I do that say turn this shit off you tell them to fuck off and you jam out...YOU FEEL ME!!!


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