Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wiz Khalifa Was Arrested For Bud In North Carolina (UPDATE W/ VIDEO)

I must say I kind of saw that coming. I have been wondering how he spends 10k a month on weed, and smokes joints on stage all the time and has never been arrested. I don't know much info now but I will update you guys when I find out more.  FREE WIZ! haha. Shout outs to my girl Jackie that was at the show in North Carolina for letting me know.

UPDATE: Wiz, Chevy Woods (Taylor Gang artist), Will (Wiz’s Road Manager) & Jerm (IDLabs producer) were all arrested. Also heard Will was pissing ECU cops off which forced them to search.

Footage of Wiz Being Arrested

Just Wiz Smoking A Shit load of Bud (Fast Forward to 5:08)

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