Saturday, October 2, 2010


Today we have some special lines of the day. I was going to do CyHi but I figured why not just do a bunch of lines from the new remix of So Appalled? So after about 80 plays on my iPod or so I came to the conclusion that everyone (besides Ye) Kills this song..
I went from the favorite to the most hated
or would you rather be underpaid or over-rated
I never met a bitch that didn’t need a little guidance
so I dismiss her past until she disappoint your highness
-Pusha T
I wear my pride on my sleeve like a bracelet
if God had an iPod, I’d be on his playlist
-CyHi Da Prynce
I met this girl on Valentines day fucked her in May
she found out about April so she chose to March
damn another broken heart
I keep bitches by the two’s nigga, Noah’s Ark
-CyHi Da Prynce

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