Monday, September 20, 2010

R&B Singer Sade Getting A Lot Of Credit & Samples From Hip-Hop Artists

Sade, one of the smoothest R&B singers of all time is getting shout out's from Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, and even being sampled in Droop-E and E 40's song "Im Loaded", which samples Sade's "War Of Heart's". I love every fucking second of it too because I grew up listening to Sade in my Mom's car all the time, and I just loved listening to her relaxing voice and it just puts you in a calm mood. I could listen to Hip Hop any time of the day but its good to listen to something different for once and Sade is something I like to listen other than hip-hop. For example Curren$y shouts out Sade on his "How Fly" mixtape saying "Windows half-raised bumpin some Maze or some Sade". Also Wiz just talks about listening to Sade with a girl just lampin out. Its just good music other than hip-hop and if you listen close to songs you might hear her being sampled on a track. Below is Droop E & E 40' new track "Im Loaded" which samples Sade, and the song that is sampled from her is there too. Check out some Sade when you get the chance if you want some relaxing music.

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