Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wiz Khalifa Show In Providence Tomorrow Night SOLD OUT!

Wizzle Man is making a buzz around the area lately and you can see that as his show at Lupo's in Providence tomorrow night is sold out. Sorry to anyone who couldn't get tickets cuz this is gonna be an ill show!!! I will be in attendance tomorrow night and will be sure to blog how it was on Thursday. The last Wiz show at Lupo's wasn't sold out (show was before Kush & OJ was released) and Wiz didn't have as nearly as many fans then he has now because of all his success the past few months with signing to Atlantic Records, releasing "Black and Yellow", being on MTV etc. So props to all the Wiz fans out there who was with him before Kush & Oj, and if your catching on now its all good too.

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