Wednesday, October 20, 2010

CyHi Talks About His Verse on 'So Appalled'

“I wasn’t supposed to be on ‘So Appalled’. People don’t know that. I kinda cheated. [Kanye] said, ‘Can you think of something to write on the hook?’ I peeped he was kinda sleepy at the time. So he went to sleep, went to the room or something. I stayed in the studio and I said I’m not gonna just do no hook. I’m gonna do my verse.”

I did a verse and didn’t tell him the verse was on there and I hid it. He was playing the album for some very important musicians and he played the song. He don’t know my verse is gonna come on and everybody in the room goes bananas. He said, ‘I gotta keep it.’”

Hey gotta do what you gotta do. Now if the verse he wrote for the son was wack then we'd be having a toast for the douchebag right now, but it was FUEGO so were not. Got it. So the song was supposed to be Kanye Ft. Pusha T & Jay-Z which is pretty ill I won't lie, but CyHi brings a little extra something to the track. For those who havn't heard the song because they live under a rock, Patrick! Get it? Like from spongebob? Sorry...That was me tryna get my Young Money flow on....heres the song fools.

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