Wednesday, February 16, 2011

K-Walk Lives

Nobody wanted to talk about it. But it's real. It comes in a 6'1'' package (a generous listing), with a satanic goatee and devilish grin. Kid can score 30 a night no matter which players (likely multiple) guard him. Besides that, he's one of the best passers to ever come out of Storrs. If you missed tonight's game, be assured that K-Walk was unreal, with a for sure top 10 highlight in a Lebron-esq off the backboard assist to himself (click here).

Despite his small stature, he demands to not be overlooked. OTG officially backs Kemba Hudley Walker for Naismith Player of the year. Kemba, if you can rap please send us your tracks. If you can't rap, send them anyway, we'll endorse them out of respect for you and you're ankle-breaking antics.

Here's a few more of college basketball's most enthusiastic smiles:

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