Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nardwuar Interviews J Cole (Nardwuar Is Fucking Insane & Awesome) Must Watch!

Okay...I am blown away by this dude Nardwuar. If you are a true hip hop fan you have to watch this whole video and some of the other interviews he's done below. I can't believe I have never seen any of this guys videos before. I can't tell whether he's the genius pulling out all these records and crazy facts about the rapper he's interviewing or someone feeds him all this stuff and info before hand. Either way it's out of this world, the dude looks insane, talks weird as fuck, and almost hits J Cole in the mouth with the mic like 50 times and its all great. Every interview of his that I have watched, the artist is blown away by the shit he is giving to them and the random facts he knows. J Cole is just speechless in this one haha, and I started dying laughing when he just freezes and stands there at the end of the interview. But Im telling you, you have to watch this one and all the videos below...they will blow your mind if your a hip hop fan.

Nardwuar Interviews Drake

Nardwuar Interviews Snoop Dogg

Nardwuar Interviews Yelawolf

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