Monday, December 20, 2010

Kick, Push

With the great collegiate migration out of the Bean for the winter holidays, comes endless forgotten hometown joys. While smoking in you're buddy's hottub, watching your high school basketball program take absolute dumps on other schools, and not getting carded at your local packy (liquor store for everyone without character), are all great activities, by far the most unappreciated and subtle one is pond hockey. I'll admit that I can skate about as well as I can dougie, but despite that I enjoy the shit out of hockey on the pond. Six kids is the optimum number (3 on 3 is sick), but if you can get together 8 than your absolutely money.
Two golden rules to follow:
1. Never invite your friends who actually play(ed) hockey, they'll score all the goals and you'll end up hating them because they make you feel terrible about yourself.
2. When the random little kid and his dad ask to join, ALWAYS take the little kid on your team. Last night the mvp of my line was some 7 year old kid (whatup Logan). The little kid can always skate better than his father.

P.S. You know that Lupe woulda done it a little differently if he were from a suburb and lived near Miller's Pond.

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