Thursday, December 9, 2010

Damn It Feels Good To Be a "Talor"?

(Disclaimer: These are my friends and I love them to death, but some opportunities are just too good to pass up)

So I have a little bit of a history of being called a fake Taylor by some writers of this blog (I've been to 4 shows and downloaded Kush & OJ on the first day; neither here nor there), but I don't how how you can be less Taylored in any instant than this. I'm pretty sure I have never seen my boy Wizzle man (or anything to do with Taylor Gang) in a picniked picture until I created it below:

Also, I can't picture how anyone can spell "Taylor" wrong. Might be one of the Top 10 easiest names in the book. The word has no alternate spellings or pronunciations. Anyways, I'll let the readers do a little bit of the work here. If you have a reason why my boys aren't Taylored please post in the comment section.

Taylor Gang or be in this picture

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