Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trademark Da Skydiver Interview W/ iHipHop

Most of you know I am huge Trademark fan, and I urge those of you who haven't listened to him yet to do so! Both of his mixtapes are now on iTunes, they used to be free but now they aren't which kinda sucks so Im glad I got them when they were free. His newest project "Issue 3" will be in stores November 23rd, so make sure to cop that cuz its gonna be fuegoooooo. Trademark is funny shit just like Curren$y, they used to have a little show called "Mythblazers" which was funny as hell (Trade is a part of Curren$y's J.E.T.S. if you didnt know) This video below is one of the "Mythblazers" episodes, they have a few more check them out, they are mad funny.

Mythblazers: Episode 1

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