Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wale - Mike Tomlin (Black and Yellow Freestyle)

Haha I love this Wale and Linsay Lohan picture,but yeah Wale is I think think the first person to remix over Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow" (if Im wrong tell me). Wale fucking kills this though, his flow is catchy in this, and Im a little confused why he called this Mike Tomlin. Wale is from DC, I figured he would call it Mike Shanahan considering he coaches the Redskins which is a DC team..idk. Shout outs to Wale and DC.

Wale - Mike Tomlin (Black and Yellow)

Download Here


  1. ehhh ill let this one slide but.....jae millz hada remix a lil b4...Legoooooo but what you thinkin whos version hotter? Wiz or Wale?

  2. idk who names a song after someone elses coach -__-

  3. wales was better i think..did the jae millz one come out before the wale one cuz im surprised i havent the jae millz one

  4. yea i neva saw the jae millz one before this either