Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Aight whaddup whaddup. I've been hella busy with work and school but I found a little time to post so here you go. Let me make this clear....J.Cole will be the next big thing for hip-hop. Drake couldn't shine this dudes shoes. J.Cole's flow/delivery/content is flawless, not to mention the dude produces pretty good too. The first line is just crazy haha, the multis are out of this world and if that doesn't tell you how cold his flow is then your stuck on stupid. The second line is a reference to Common being on Kanye West's record label and its just filthy...Time to toss your favorite rapper to the side ladies and gents.
"The flow cold as a shoulder of a gold diggin hoes
When a broke nigga 'proaches
Told ya I'm focused man, I'll let you muh'fuckers soak it in"
-Jay-Z - Star Is Born (Ft. J. Cole)
"Nigga please, go head with that ol bullshit you rhymin'
See this that good music, so we ain't got shit in common"
-J. Cole - We On (Prod by J. Cole)

Clap for em....

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