Monday, October 18, 2010

Joe Budden - No Idea (Prod by J.Cardim)

"I'm only tryna build what they intend to destroy
We had a perfect game until it got Jim Joyce'd"
What do you know? More Mood Muzik. I'ma start this off by saying no one, I repeat NO ONE is touchin Joey with the sports lines lmao. I really love it when a rapper uses a good baseball line. But this songs dope as shit. He touches a few topics, mainly breakups. Its getting to the point where you gotta listen to every Joe Budden verse because every single one is dope.
"Once you go threw it you'll believe it.
And you'll never give a woman more than you want her to leave with"

Joe Budden – No Idea (prod. J. Cardim) | Mediafire

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