Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Friday! (This Scarecrow Just Does What He Fucking Wants)

Another good week here at Only That Good. There was an insane amount of GOOD, new music this week and it's all on here so check it all out. By the way, CyHi Da Prince's new mixtape "Royal Flush" is fucking ill so you all need to go to and download that shit. Thanks for all the views keep it up and make sure you listen to our radio show every Mon & Wed@ 11pm. Once again I am sure we are all glad the week is over and are all getting ready to get shitty this weekend as usual so lets do it. So throw on some of your fly gear, pregame and vibe to this Sam Adams. I usually don't like Sam Adams but this song makes me wanna get blasted. Shout outs to my boys at Westfield..we jammed to this hardcore last time I was there haha.

Sam Adams - No Speak Americano

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