Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wiz Tore It Down @ Providence Show Last Night

Sorry for the lack of blogging last night and today, but the Wiz show was fucking awesome. Besides the 30 kids I saw get carried out for either being shitfaced out of their minds or for passing out, it was an ill show all around. Big Krit was a great opening act and then Wiz just did his thing. He came out smoking a joint to "Super High" and then threw the joint in the crowd haha. He played almost all of Kush and OJ, Ink My Whole Body, Chewy, some How Fly, umm shit I can't remember but the shit was just off the chain. Sold out, couldn't move, but it was worth it, here's some videos below that I took last night.

Watch Wiz throw his joint in the crowd @ 00:18 for Super High video

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