Sunday, September 26, 2010

Was UMASS Real Life Yesterday?

Shit was insane, Im somewhere in this picture I don't know where but it was the craziest shit. This picture only shows one part of the amount of people, there is waaaaay more people to the left, right and back of this. I have some crazy videos on my phone I just don't know how to get that shit off my phone, but Ill figure it out. People were just chucking beer bottles into the crowd of people, there was a bottle war when both sides of the party split up and people were just getting hit with bottles, it was insane, I was fucking dodging bottles. Then everyone just stopped, ran together as one big crowd and started a USA chant and went nuts, fucking people ripping branches off trees, climbing trees, spraying beer was something you would see in a movie. El Pres and Jenna from Barstool Sports were there, talked to El Pres for bit that was solid, but yeah...pretty insane. Shout out to all my people at UMASS, my boy Heen and Dames, and Billy appreciate the shelter, everyone else out there hope you had a good weekend too, so keep checking the blog this week for some more awesome shit.

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