Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mac Miller - Don't Mind If I Do (Fast Forward to 2:00 for Video)

Not that new of a song but I was at a party in BC last night and met Mac Miller's neighbor from Pittsburgh which I thought was pretty solid. Mac Miller who has collaborated with Wiz Khalifa (also a Pittsburgh native) has recently came out with a mixtape called "K.I.D.S." which has an ill track list from beginning to end. Mac Miller who just graduated from high school is making a buzz on a lot of blogs and is performing on the "Back To Stool" 3 stop tour. This video is fucking awesome by the way, I was watching Mac Miller on UStream and he said his boy just threw a party at his house for this video and they just called mad people and just raged. Kids just gettin rowdy and doing a video...pretty balla.

Mac Miller - K.I.D.S. Mixtape (

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