Friday, September 24, 2010


Before I dip to enjoy my Saturday night, I'ma hit ya'll with some Lines of the Day. For today, I HAD to chose Lloyd Banks for today because he's burning the streets up lately. The second quote is kinda long, but it needs to be shit is TOO hott. Look out for 'The Hunger for More 2' coming out November 23rd.
"Bottles by the forklift, chronic by the cases/Cus I light up like the faces that jackpot in Vegas"
-Lloyd Banks - Light Up
"Colossal catalog, carats will give you cataracts/
Critic, I don't land in the category of average rap/
Or average topic, I pop it, damage is catastrophic/
Boy you can never touch me, you think I had a hostage"

-Lloyd Banks - See Me Bright

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