Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lets Have Toast for the Douche Bags!

After the game Sunday Randy Moss in a press conference went on to say "Alot of people don't want me to do good around here", "I don't feel appreciated", and "This will probaly be my last year as a Patriot". What the mother fuck Randy? Where did that shit come from bro, who around here doesn't want you to do good, because Im pretty sure all Pats fans want you to catch the fucking ball and get in the end-zone just as much as the next guy. Then he was saying no one gives him credit or he isnt appreciated, dude do you want Bellicheck to roll you a few doobies after the game if you score a touchdown...because if thats the case then Bill go buy the Zig Zags and make him happy because once he's gone our receiving core is fucked unless we pick up someone else next year.

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