Thursday, September 23, 2010

Is It Too Early To Start a Countdown For Cudi's Man on the Moon 2: Legend of Mr. Rager?

Cudi's second album is scheduled to drop Oct. 26th (im pretty sure, if im wrong let me know)and I am amped up as fuck. Cudi just has that different style of hip hop that I can't explain, and if you listen close you will just get sucked in by his almost odd lyrics at times. Odd or not he just has that different swag. So yeah, get amped for this album because its gonna be ill and shout out to my boy Bassy from UMASS, big Cudi fan.

"But where his debut focused on visions of his dreams and nightmares, Man on the Moon 2: Legend of Mr. Rager's intent is to bring you into Cudi's reality." -Andrew Martin (

Kid Cudi - Cruisin'

Kid Cudi - Rev of Ev

Kid Cudi - Did You Get It (Scott Mescudi)

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