Monday, February 7, 2011

New Dave Raps Single - "The DeLorean"

(E.P. artwork pictured above)

New Dave Raps E.P. titled H.Y.P.E. dropping February 11th (you know OTG will get that to you first). For all of you unacquainted ears out there, Dave Raps is an up and coming hip hop artist from Florida. Although he has a few mix tapes out from earlier this year, this is his first big level project. His manager/go-to guy Vee Nyce did most of the production for it, and from what I hear so far, its shaping up to put this guy on the map. I got big hopes for Dave this year. Be on the lookout for Dave Raps on the new Mick Stillz mixtape coming March 7th! Set to be a real interesting collabo.

Superbowl sunday he released his first single, "The DeLorean". Tracks got a nostalgic feel with some of that new school fire. Dope track.

(Just a little video footage for the visual learners out there)

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